Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bushnell Family Pictures

Photographer: Whitney Smart

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My boyfriend and I

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another update from Philomath....

Uh-oh. She's discovered Warwick's toys!

Isn't she precious???
And adorable??

We got a little brother for Maggie. Meet Jimmer.

It's so fun to have girls. Madison is such a great help with Sienna. Sisters are the best!

Madison and her 4th grade teacher, Ms. McConnell.

Brody and his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Priewe.

Our little escape artist. You better strap her in good or she'll find a way to escape!

My two little buddies! We hang out all day while the others work and go to school!

Brody and Warwick's birthday party! I know, this is from August!

No cake this year....just shaved ice!

We roasted hot dogs and marshmellows around our campfire, too.

We stayed in yurts for our family reunion this year. It was a blast! Here we are all cozy and ready for bed!

Brody loves sports. Soccer, running, baseball, football, basketball. You name it, he loves it.

Here he is playing baseball this past summer.

We took the kids to the beach this summer with Whitney and Cody.

It was a beautiful day at the beach.

The kids love to fish. But, no luck today. The fishies weren't hungry I guess.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Warwick!

5 Years have really flown by. It seems like yesterday that Warwick was this cute smoochie baby, but today we celebrated his 5th birthday!

He is really excited about having a birthday party with his friends, but that has to wait until next weekend.

We still managed to pack in a fun-filled day for the birthday boy.

We decided to head to Grandma Robin and Grandpa Burt's house and spend the day with them. Our day started out with Grandpa Burt's new truck. Brody and Warwick named it Bumblebee. They talked about how awesome Bumblebee was all day and they went everywhere with Grandpa...just so they could ride in it. My dad loves it, too.

Next up, in Bumblee of course, was the Farmer's Market. It was bustling with people and had the best food! The kids had a blast playing in the fountains! Finally, a nice hot summer day!

They also loved pestering the ducks. They wanted to feed them so badly, but we had nothing. So, instead they joined them in the water.

Then we headed to the swim park. I asked Warwick what his favorite part of the day was and he said it was the swim park! It really was fun! We stayed here for hours while they swam, played on the playground and played in the sand.

We came home and the kids made pigs in a blanket and we had a big birthday feast with fruit, corn, beans and chocolate treats from Grandpa Burt. No cake or candles for the birthday boy yet. He wants an Ironman cake for his party.

Finally, we got to the birthday surprises. We took Warwick to Build-a-Bear for his birthday! He fell asleep on the way there and we had to beg and beg him to get out of the car. He kept saying, "I'm just too tired!" We wore him out! I finally whispered in his ear,"Are you too tired to go to Build-a-Bear?" He perked right up and bounced into the store!

Opening some presents...

Happy Birthday Warwick!

You are such a fun little boy! Always smiling and ready for some adventure!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our summer so far in photos:
My two favorite little gals all snuggled up at the park.
We basically live at this park during the summers.

We hit up the local rodeo carnival.
Warwick was the only one brave enough to ride a sheep. I think they call it muttin' bustin' or something like that. (what do I know? I am just a city girl!)
Here he is after showing off his ribbon.
He's ready to get on the sheep with all his safety gear.

Madison riding in the back of our big monster truck during the 4th of July parade. This was the highlight of our kids summer so far. They sat in the back and squirted the crowd with super-soakers. They had no mercy and loved every minute of it.
I think Jason bought this car just so he could show it off in all the local parades. We have done 2 so far and it's pure heaven for Jason. It's the biggest truck I have ever seen. I am not even allowed to touch it.
(actually, i am too scared to. it's huge!)
Did I mention that the team I coached this year in Track won the State Championship?? Yep, we did! Here we are on the podium. So fun.