Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moving Week!

We have been busy packing all week for our big move to Portland, Oregon. Madison has been lucky enough to escape the chaos by playing at a friends house all day/everyday, but Brody and Warwick have been little monkeys climbing all over the boxes and through all the mazes that now exist in our apartment! I am sure they have been a big help to the movers!

Cute little sardines!

Warwick gets a little help from his partner in crime!

He is too cute!
Thank Goodness for the distraction of these fun boxes because Brody DOES NOT want to move! He wants to STAY in Singapore and reminds me of this daily!

Poor little Warwick had no where to take a nap because everything we own is packed in boxes. Isn't this so sad!? He found a nice cozy spot on our hard floor to get a little rest!
Trying to look sweet and innocent, so he can continue living the life of a wild monkey by climbing, hanging and hiding in our tropical jungle of boxes!!

Getting ready to jump!

The only thing left to do in our cartoons!