Friday, March 27, 2009

Jason built a fire last night to warm up our house. I love sitting by the fire reading a book or doing a puzzle. But, tonight we built a fire and roasted marshmellows.
Doesn't that roasted marshmellow look yummy?
Warwick didn't really have the patience for this. He liked to stick his marshmellow on the stick, stick it in the fire for about .5 seconds and then try and eat it. I think he liked the eating part the best.
Luckily, Warwick has a really nice big sister who roasted his marshmellow for him.
S'mores are the best treat!
I think Madison liked this the best. She stayed there so long her cheeks turned red!
Today, we went on another spring break adventure. We started off by riding bikes at Mary S. Young Park. I ran alongside the kids on their bikes. A perfect way to spend the day. Seriously. In nature...exercising...with my kids. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos, but you'll have to trust me. It was beautiful and fun.
Next up, another picnic at another playground. I told you, this was our spring break to hit all the parks!
Warwick gets all shy when I take his picture these days. I am lucky if I can get one of him because he usually runs away from me giggling. He just woke up when we got to the park. He looks a little sleepy.
Madison and Brody LOVE picnics. Too busy chewing their food to smile.
My three little muskateers...ready to hit the playground.

I love the expression on Warwick's face!
After the playground, we went on a walk to explore the park.

Who would have guessed that playing baseball without a ball or bat would have been so entertaining??? We played this forever and it was actually fun! Mostly, we chased each other around the bases, which is always fun with kids. They just giggle the whole time. I love the sound of my kids giggling.
Here is a shot of Madison pitching. Looking good!
Here's Brody about to hit a home-run, while Warwick stands by as Madison's catcher. Brody managed to find an old broken pipe for a bat.
I really am going to be sad when this week is over and Madison is back in school. It is so fun to have all the kids together.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break Part 3:
Madison is my little artist and can spend hours entertaining herself in her creative world. She loves to do anything artistic and creative. Here is what she spent most of the morning creating. A giraffe eating a leaf! Isn't it great??

While I am already posting her artwork, I might as well post something she made while we were snowed in at Christmas-time. Check out this awesome elephant Madison made out of clay. Jason collects elephants, so this was proudly added to his elephant shrine. I am always so impressed with what she can do! I wish I could say she got her talent from me, but I would be lying.

After hours of playing with clay, we headed outside. While Warwick napped, we played in our own park...our backyard.

Yep, another great outfit put together by Brody. If being a farmer or a race-car driver don't work out for him, he may have a future in fashion!

When Warwick woke up, we decided to go for a walk in Springbrook Park. Lucky for us, this park is 100 meters away from our house. We love this park.

We love the daffodils that are in bloom now.

They spotted a squirrel climbing a tree. Brody decided that this tree would make a good home for a frog. Okay?!

We made a stop at Madison's school to play for awhile. I think this is our spring break to hit as many playgrounds as possible! Who needs Hawaii??

Madison loves the tire swing. She spends her entire recess on the tire swing.

It was time to head home before we got stranded in the woods in the dark. The kids love to hike through the woods. They especially love all the bridges in Springbrook.
I love these 3 kids. It is so fun going on little adventures with them.

They were so excited to find hiking sticks. Jason passed this little obsession onto his kids. He always has to have a hiking they do too!

They added their sticks to this little pile that was filling up a ditch in the pathway.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our next spring break adventure was taking a quick trip to Philomath so we could see all the cute baby lambs that were just born. They are so darn cute! It is so adorable to see them awkwardly run/walk around and they have the sweetest little baaaa. The kids love to visit Grandma Bushnell and her farm. Especially, Brody, because he wants to be a farmer when he grows up...and a race-car driver.
Here are the kids in the barn loft. They are helping Uncle Tyler feed the sheep. Don't you think barns are so cool looking?? I do.

Here are the cutest little black lambs that you'll ever see!

And the cutest white lambs taking a little milk break. I think I like the black-faced sheep better than the white-faced sheep. They look cooler to me.

Too bad these cute little guys have to grow up! Aren't they cute??

I think my 3 kids are the wildest animals on Grandma Bushnell's farm. Here they are harrassing Tyler in his bedroom. They love to climb all over Tyler.

Other spring break fun so far:
Madison getting all dolled up and posing for pictures. A favorite past-time of any !

Brody looking perfectly cute. His hair ALMOST grown back to normal. Hooray!

And here Brody is all dolled up for the camera! Ah, so pretty! I had to pay him a quarter to let me braid his hair! He ripped it out the second he got his quarter!

Madison watching Hannah Montana in a pose that only a kid could find comfortable. Ouch!

Warwick giving some love to his new friend Maile.

Stay-tuned for more Bushnell spring break adventures!