Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Haulin' Hay

Haulin' hay in Philomath at Grandma Bushnell's house. Brody, our future farmer, was in heaven. He was right in the middle of all the action...trying to help in every way he could.

I feel bad because I didn't do much more than this...watch and soak in the rays. But, it was fun watching Tyler, Brody and Jason doing farmwork...while Madison and Warwick played in all the hay in the barn loft. Haulin' hay wasn't the only exciting thing that happened on the farm this particular day....a baby calf was born. It was the cutest thing ever. I'll have to get a picture of it.

These pictures are old, but are worth posting. Jason and I ran a marathon together in September. The course went along the Pacific Crest Trail. It was such a beautiful run. It started at Mt. Hood and ended at Timothy Lake. Although it had quite an elevation drop, this marathon was really hilly. It was difficult, but it was so worth it because of the awesome trails and scenic views that you got to enjoy for the entire run...well, most of the run. You did have to cross the road 2-3 times, but that was it...the rest was on the most perfect dirt running trails. The views were amazing.
Jason and I right before we started.

This is an old photo that I came across...an extended family run/hike.
I found this one as well...I LOVE THIS! This is Jason taking the kids for a ride while we were searching for the perfect Christmas tree. Jason looks so cute, I think...and I love how Warwick is having so much fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I turned my back on Brody for one second...

After school today, the kids and I went on a great adventure through town. Madison went by bike, Brody cruised on his scooter, Warwick relaxed in the jogging stroller and I ran. I am sure we looked like a traveling circus! Brody must have said, "This is AWESOME," about a million times. Brody loves an adventure...especially, if it is outside...and I love to watch him in action as he stops and investigates every creek, rock, duck, stick or mud puddle. You can't help but get excited with him.
The kids were abnormally excited about getting their pictures taken today, so there are quite a few taken of this adventure. According to Brody, it was awesome...so I guess it needed to be well documented!
Warwick fell asleep before the run even began. Poor guy missed out on most of the excitement! Doesn't he look peaceful, though??
Gettin' ready...

And off we go...
First stop...Singapore.
My kids go crazy over this bamboo that is growing at the bottom of our street. They like to pretend they are back in Singapore. They are frustrated that they can't find any monkeys in there, though!
Second stop...rock throwing.
Brody can't resist walking by this creek without throwing a few rocks in.
Third stop...just a pretty flower patch...with two cute kids.
Madison cruising on the bike path...about to go through a tree tunnel. I love tree tunnels.
Here's Brody chasing Madison down. You can probably guess that Brody likes to be the "leader".
Fourth stop...random spots along the path for cute pictures.

Fifth stop...a creek.

Brody had to get in and stomp around a bit. He just couldn't resist.
Sixth stop...a bit of tree climbing.

Seventh stop...duck watching. Unfortunately, it didn't last long because they got scared and swam away.
Aw, Warwick finally woke up! Poor guy missed out, but was just in time for our eighth stop...

Ninth stop...a nice little grassy area to relax and enjoy our treat.

Here's Madison about to turn up our street on our way home. Check out the cool tree tunnels!
And these photos are for my mom and dad. Do you miss these lovely blossoms???