Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

It was great to be in America this year for the 4th of July. We started the day off with the annual 4th of July 5K in Corvallis. The Bushnell family has been doing this race for years. They meet up with the same group of runners every year and paint their bodies very patriotic. It is a fun tradition and the perfect way to get the 4th of July started off! After the race, there is a parade through town. Lots of kids get dressed up and ride their decorated bikes through town as they throw candy out to the crowd. The candy was Warwick's favorite part of the day! He was all smiles as lollipop after lollilop landed at his feet! We had a great BBQ at the Bushnell's house in Philomath and the night was ended with a round of fireworks at home. It is great to be back in the USA! Happy 4th!

This is Warwick, Madison and Brody watching the parade go by. Check out Warwick with his mouth and hands full of candy! I think he likes the 4th of July!

Me and Warwick after the race.

Whitney, Jason, Diana and Warwick. Jason is looking good with his paint job!

Happy 4th of July!

The Bushnell clan post-race.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

I have spent a lot of time the last few weeks planting flowers with Jason. His sister, Whitney, is a professional gardener, so PLEASE don't compare my attempts to her lush Garden! But, we have had so much fun beautifying our yard and watching the flowers burst with color...and I admit, some have withered away from my lack of tender loving care!
These flowers along the grassline have yet to bloom. I am anxious to see the pretty flowers!
I love these hot pink geraniums. My favorite flower, so far. They are lined with some pretty cool looking cosmos as well.

Isn't Oregon beautiful?? I love it here! This is where my children play. They love all the space.

These are just starting to bloom and they are pretty amazing. I am excited to see it bursting with flowers.

Precious moments!

School Carnival

A few weeks ago, we went to Madison's end of the year school carnival. The carnival was a hit with the kids. They especially loved the games and the bouncy castle, but I think exploring the Lake Oswego Police car and fire engine had to be Brody and Warwick's favorite part of the day!
I still can't believe that Madison is already done with Kindergarten! She loved it. Her favorite parts were the school bus, PE, library time and the great playground.

Jason, Warwick and Madison.

Brody and Madison had to try every booth.

Prettiest firefighter in Lake Oswego!

Brody and Warwick's favorite part of the day! They explored every inch of that fire truck!

FYI...Warwick is pronounced like War-rick, NOT War-Wick!