Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our summer highlights so far:

My big brother, John, opened up Bullock Family Dental this past month! In my unbiased opinion, he is the BEST dentist around! Seriously, if you are looking for a dentist, he is really great. He is the nicest guy around and really good at what he does.

This is how I find Brody on summer nights. Out cold...somewhere in the house. I love how worn out kids get from playing outside all day!Rivers came to Oregon! Madison loved having Rivers around to play with. These two girls are great little buddies. Madison cried the whole day after Rivers went back to Utah because she missed her so much.
We went to Highland, Utah and visited my sister, Lori, and her family. Brody and Warwick had the best time with Ryan and Tanner. These four boys went non-stop for 2 straight days.

My sister has an awesome creek in her backyard. We had fun floating down it on inner tubes. It was so fun....until we popped all the inner tubes! Oops!
Here is cute Natalie floating down the creek. She was so good to Madison and Emily introduced Madison to her new passion...Dance Revolution. Madison was also very excited because she got to go to gymnastics class with her cousin, Kelly. Madison was in heaven with all her girl cousins.

Lori's Lodge is amazing. She has done such a great job with the yard. It looked pretty incredible! Here is just a small glimpse of her beautiful flowers. There were flowers everywhere. So pretty.
We went to Rivers' birthday party in Salt Lake City.
Here's Warwick and Dwight painting pots.
I love the concentration!

We went downtown Salt Lake and played in the fountains. The kids LOVED this.

Father's Day at Tasha and Carlos' house in Salt Lake.
We went to Tyler and Amber's wedding in the Salt Lake City Temple. Here are the kids inside the waiting room. Don't they look cute?

We went to Tyler and Amber's reception in Philomath, Oregon.
Jason and Brody at the reception with Jason's high school track/cross country coach, Joe.

Two cute little ladies. Tasha and I made these dresses. I also made Warwick and Brody's outfits. I am determined to make my mom proud of my sewing skills.
Tyler and Amber. The happy couple!

Happy 4th of July!
(I made Madison's shirt here, too.)
Running the annual 4th of July Fun Run.
Jason's eyes look a little scarey. I take credit for that. He asked me to draw stars, I did the best I could! I don't know how many years the Bushnells have been running this race, but every year they get all painted up and dressed in 4th of July gear to run this race with a big group of guys.

My cute kids all snuggled up to watch a movie at Grandma Bushnell's house after a long day at the park.