Monday, November 23, 2009

Madison's Baptism
November 22, 2009

Thank you to all the great examples in Madison's life that have helped prepare her for her baptism day.
Also, thank you to everyone who helped make this a special day for Madison.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Madison's soccer team had their end of the season party the other night. It was kind of sad to have it all end. The s all had so much fun together. They had a pizza party and showed a slideshow of the season. It was a very cool night. Lots of screaming s and lots of fun.
Nice season Sporty s!
Madison B., Madison H., Hayley, Ashley

Jackie, Imoni, Madison
Warwick and his little buddy, Marcelis. Actually, Marcelis is on Brody's soccer team. My boys love to play with him!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night 2009

I took the kids Trick or Treating in the neighborhood that my brother, John, lives in. It is the perfect Trick or Treating neighborhood. Lots of houses and no traffic. The kids had a blast running from house to house and we even ended the evening with some tasty soup at John's house.

After our ward Trunk or Treat, Madison decided that she didn't like being a mummy. Mostly, because I couldn't put it together right and it kept falling off in random spots. She decided she wanted to be a . So, a she was...a very scary . So scary that Warwick wouldn't even come near her! Pretty funny.
Our little wicked .

We tried and tried to take a group shot and this was the best we could do.
Warwick's little eyes make me laugh.

The first house. Where's Warwick??
He fell asleep before we even started Trick or Treating!
He woke up about half way through and joined the gang sprinting from house to house.
He loved it and would scream, "thank you," as he was already half way to the next house.

They are a little spooked in this picture. Spooky music was playing and someone was talking to them from inside the house on a microphone.
Look at their faces!
"Thank You!!"
The last house!
Madison joined Amelia and her friends playing games. They played some version of dominoes.
Madison loves games.
They ended the night playing Mr. Potato Head until I was so tired I could hardly move.

P.S. I keep getting words censored from my blog. Does anyone else have this problem??