Monday, February 1, 2010

Here's a little update on what we've been up to the past few months.
Madison potty-trained Warwick right before Christmas. I will forever owe her. She is the best. I was outside mulching the yard ALL day and she came out and asked if she could make Warwick a potty chart. Whatever would keep them entertained so I could finish, right? Well, I came in later that day and he had like 5 stickers on his potty chart...and we haven't looked back. NO MORE DIAPERS...not even to bed.
It's official. He is a big boy now.
More pre-Christmas fun...Brody lost his first tooth! And now he is up to 2. The tooth fairy is his best friend these days.
Our family on Christmas Eve at Grandma Bushnell's house. We spent Christmas at her house.

Madison writing a letter to put with Santa's cookies.

Wiped out after opening all her presents!
The kids and I sledding while Jason went snow boarding. It was so fun!
Finally, home sweet home. These two wiped out after the holidays!
We went up to Seattle to watch my nephews play basketball, my niece play basketball and my brother coach his team. This is Scott at a time out. Exciting game! His point guard made 5 3-pointers!
Here are all the cousins watching the basketball games. It was 2 days packed with high school basketball. We loved it!

The best news of all:
My parents came home from their mission!
This is my family.