Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's what we've been up to:
The 1st/2nd grade classes at Madison's school put on the cutest performance the other day called BUGZ. The songs and choreography were really cute and the boys LOVED it! All the kids were different bugs and sang fun little numbers. Madison was the cutest little ladybug and sang a sassy little number called, "Be a Lady."
Here she is amongst the other bugs. Isn't she a cute lady bug?

I had some visitors this weekend. Two of my good friends from Singapore came to visit. It was so fun to see them again! We had a lot of fun catching up and the kids had a great time playing.
We formed a workout group in Singapore, so we had to workout...for old times sake!
We took a walk through the woods up to the grade school to let the kids play.
Here we are:
Me, Lynn, Vicki
(and Warwick)

Madison, Sophie, Juju and Tamsyn

Madison's Open House at school.
I went to her class and she so proudly showed me everything she had done all year.
Here she is patiently waiting behind her desk for me to arrive. Check out all her work she has displayed for me all over her desk.

She made this her first week of school. Her writing was good then, but she has improved so much since the beginning of the year. She is a great speller and reader.
Madison is our little artist. This is one of the pictures she drew and painted.
Isn't this good? I am biased, I know.
Here is a bird she made of clay. Poor guy has a broken beak. Can you guess which bird this is??
Yep, a blue Heron.
Madison's little buddy, Maddie.
Me and Brody

Brody crashed on the floor in between couches after a full day of running through the sprinklers. He has a good life!