Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We didn't go to Hawaii, Mexico or Europe for spring break, but I think the kids still managed to have a good time!

Here are some of our Spring Break 2010 Highlights:
(sorry, in advance for all the pictures. i just couldn't eliminate any.)

1. We went on a nice Sunday afternoon walk around Grandma Bushnell's neighborhood.

2. We went on a hike somewhere in Blodgett. Warwick was extra impressive on this hike. He ran practically the whole way trying to chase Jason, Tyler and Amber down as they biked the trails.

3. We visited Grandma Bushnell where Warwick ran around in his usual.

4. Brody got to help the boys use the chipper shredder.

5. Cody's mom introduced Madison to She is now an addict!
(thanks, mom, for madison's cute easter outfit!)

6. Madison got to hold her new baby cousin, Cassidy. She is so patient and helpful. She keeps pestering me to give her a baby sister now!

7. We went to Cassidy's baby blessing. She is too cute!

8. We hiked Bald Hill. The kids made it all the way to the top. They even spotted Grandma Bushnell's house.

Here we are making our way to the trail head...with Cubby in tow.

Jason actually ran while we hiked.

The view from the top.

Brody caught a potato bug and carried him all the way home. Poor bug.

9. We hung out with our favorite dog, Cubby. This is the best dog ever.

10. We had a few jam sessions.

11. We took a bike ride to the park with my parents.

12. We stripped the wallpaper in my mom's bathroom. Who knew that this could be so fun? This kept the kids entertained for hours! They cannot wait until they get to help her paint it.

We had a great Spring Break! I am really sad it's over and Madison is back to school! It doesn't help that it rained ALL day today and is supposed to continue for the next 10 days!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

These are one of the many things that Brody and Warwick are obsessed with.
They have loads of them.
They are all over the house.
There are about 20 in my purse.
They each carry one with them at all times.
I love it!
This is the first one we ever owned. It was the only boy toy I owned when Brody was born. When he was old enough to rummage through the toys he found this little yellow car. I think this little car is named Luigi. He carried this around for months. I can't believe it still exists and hasn't disappeared. It is such a cute little car.
I found this line-up yesterday.
Brody spends hours lining up his cars and racing them around the kitchen counter.
This must be his starting line.

A few hours later, I found this line-up.
Warwick was racing the same set of cars.
I like how he has a monster truck in the lead...
and Lightning McQueen in last place!
Little boys are so cute!