Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Year's Eve we partied in Seattle at my nephew's wedding reception. After the reception, my sister threw a great New Year's party with lots of dancing, eating, games and more eating!
I guess Brody isn't into weddings. This is what he did the entire reception...play video games like an addict. (Maybe he wouldn't be such an addict if I'd just give-in and buy him one. ) He did manage to put this down once the New Year's Party began.

Jamie gave Madison a make-0ver before the reception and let Madison sleep in her room with her while we were in Seattle. Madison wishes Jamie was her big sister. Next month we get to see Jamie all glammed up at her wedding. My cute little niece is all grown up!
This is what Warwick did most of the night. You'd think he was all worn out from a night of partying, but this is him before the parties began!
Even though this one is obviously an old picture, I had to post it. These two monsters loved their baby sister the moment they met her.
Sweet little Sienna sleeping this morning. I could probably waste a lot of time just staring at her...in fact, I do.

Sienna all dolled up for church the other day. Little girls are so fun to dress.
Somehow, by morning time, everyone always ends up in my bed.
Sienna is so smiley and fun these days.
This is for Jamie and Keri! THANK YOU!!!
The girls loved their outfits and they looked so darling!Okay, maybe Sienna wasn't so excited about it all.

Sienna is wearing an outfit I wore as a baby. She's into vintage clothing.
Besides needing a haircut, Brody has lost 3 teeth in the last few weeks. One on top and two on the bottom. He looks a little crazy!
This is what my kids do everyday after school. Color, Color, Color and make paper snowflakes.