Friday, August 28, 2009

Double-Header Farewell

We made a quick trip up to Seattle for a double-missionary farewell. Lindsi (my niece) and Trevor (my nephew) are both about to leave on a mission for our church. I am so proud of Lindsi and Trevor! Lindsi is off to Las Vegas and Trevor is off to Houston. It was a great farewell and a great weekend, but so sad to say goodbye!
Warwick spent most of the day in the sandbox, on the monkey bars and climbing up and down this ladder. He is a cheeky boy.

This is how Madison and Brody spent most of the day. Playing Mario Cart. It was great entertainment for the kids, but it is crazy how addicted they get in just a short time!
I don't know how many times I heard this phrase, "Just one more game, PLEASE?!!"
(note to self: NEVER ever buy kids video games!)
Bry is going to kill me for posting this, but I just gotta. Like father, like son. He has inherited the ability to fall asleep anywhere and anytime! This is how Bryant spent the entire farewell open house. Isn't he cute?? Actually, he really is and he makes me laugh! I love this kid.
Me and Trevor...soon to be Elder Johnson.
Good luck in Houston!
Jamie, Kacie and I
Cutest girls in Woodinville!
Madison taking a break from Mario Cart.

Lindsi, Jamie and I.
Good luck in Vegas, Lindsi!
My cute little buddies are all grown up!
The Johnson gang and I. I LOVE these kiddos.
The Johnson gang all together one last time...before they send off two missionaries.

Swimming lessons are over for the summer. It is so sad. I wish summer could last forever.
Swimming lessons were a success this year.
Brody was such a brave little kid this summer.
He actually loved swimming and wasn't too shy to participate in his class!

Warwick was in Brody's class, but this was how he spent most of the lesson...wandering around the pool looking for trouble.
Madison is a little fish. She loves the water...not so much swimmer's ear, though. Poor girl finally recovered from a bout of swimmer's ear.
I asked them to show off their certificates...thanks, Warwick!
Here are pictures of Brody opening birthday presents.
I found an awesome battery operated riding tractor on craigslist for his birthday. He is so giddy about it.

A day at the park

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Brody

Happy Birthday Brody!
Brody is 5 today!

More summer photos:

Do you think the kids are missing Jason???? Poor guy gets smothered while he tries to take a little nap! We definitely don't get to see him enough this summer. Weekends just aren't enough.

Me and the kids at Cloverland

The boys going wild jumping on the trampoline while the sprinklers spray them from underneath. This entertained them for hours!

An Evenng at the Lake

We spent the evening at the lake last weekend. The kids love it. I think the adults do too. A few of the Smarts (Cody's family) were in town to enjoy some of our fun.

He never grasps the concept of walking.

Poor Madison couldn't swim. Our little fish has swimmer's ear.

These two chased every duck into the lake.