Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Comets!

After 10 years of gathering dust, I finally pulled out my basketball shoes and joined a basketball team here in Singapore. I had forgotten how fun basketball is and how great it is to be a part of a team! It was awesome to hear Brody and Madison cheering for me and waving at me before I shot free-throws!


Anonymous said...

I sure miss playing, luckily there are a group of women who play here once a week, so at least I can do that.
Also, I followed the link to your parents blog. They are such cute missionaries, your mom's story brought tears to my eyes.
Miss you guys,
p.s. just yesterday Natasha was asking Tamsyn if she ahd a boyfriend... Tamsyn of course said "No! but if I did, it would be Brody"

Sylvia said...

Hey Diana!! I found your blog thru the Lewis'. What the athletic and all healthy and active?? You put me to shame! I feel like i should go run on the treadmill after reading all your posts. You are awesome!!

Southwick Family said...

For the record, may I just say that I saw Diana play basketball and she is still a superstar! So fun to see this picture. You are amazing!