Monday, October 27, 2008

We have had a great fall here in Oregon. The weather has been awesome. Beautiful sunny days that include crisp cold air and I have LOVED watching all the trees turn colors! Here are some photos of us enjoying fall in Oregon.

OOPS! This isn't outside enjoying the beautiful weather, but this is one of our favorite things to do since the weather has started to cool off this fall. Get a bunch of blankets and snuggle up to a movie at night. Don't Madison and Warwick look so cozy? Their bellies are happy, too, because we had just finished decorating Halloween cookies...oh, and eating them, too.
Look at the pretty fall colors! My favorite color isn't captured in this photo, though. I love the bright red/orange leaves. I gotta get a picture of some on here. So beautiful!

We LOVE all the yummy produce we get from Bobette's garden. Our favorite at the moment are these incredible apples! We had the BEST apple crisp last night with vanilla ice cream! We aren't the only ones that love these apples - rumor has it that people have been coming in the wee hours of the night to pick these delicious apples!

Brody and Warwick love to make apple stew from all the apples that have already fallen to the ground at Grandma's house. Don't these two look like trouble?

Brody and Warwick on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin to carve. These two boys are great little buddies...well, most of the time!

Oops, we lost one!

They found the last pumpkin.

I love this picture! Cute kids.

I saved the best picture for last. This is the new favorite fall activity for Brody and Warwick. Doesn't this look fun? They strip down, fill up the sandbox with water and have a party! The neighbors must really think we are a strange bunch!


the baker said...

those pictures are so cute!! it is a really pretty time of year, i just wish it wasn't going to get cold next...

Anonymous said...

Isn't fall weather great in the US? We are loving it too!

Monica M said...

wow naked kids. Must be warmer there.