Friday, January 30, 2009

A day in the life of Brody and Warwick

Warwick starts off his day with a nice cozy ride while mommy huffs and puffs her way through her morning run. He has his snacks ready...and, yes, those are hershey kisses for his wholesome morning snack! Warwick LOVES to go for runs. Who wouldn't, though, with a warm and cozy ride like this?

Brody takes a few TV breaks throughout his day...most likely he is watching Tom and Jerry OR Diego. Definitely not Hannah Montana OR ICarly. On commercial breaks he enjoys his 2 favorite passions: dinosaurs and cars. Oh, and I guess a little blanket snuggling/thumb-sucking is required during all breaks. Cute little Warwick is in the background eating a snack.

This picture is not typical of Warwick's daily activities. He is "acting" like such a cute 2 year old. This boy is wild and crazy. He constantly is repeating after me, "No hit" and "Be nice" while sitting in time-out. But, he is so darn cute. Look at his big brown eyes, dimpley smile and shaggy hair. I wish I could freeze him at this age. He is so happy and bouncey.

I had to post this picture because Brody's face is just too funny. We took a self-portrait of ourselves and this is how it turned out.

More thumb sucking...and looking perfectly cute. Thumb sucking does take up a majority of their day. Maybe I should feed them more often?

This picture is for you, Sylvia. This is what our playroom looks like at the end of the day. All credit goes to Brody and Warwick.

This is my favorite part of the day. Look at all three of them snuggled in one big bed. They chose this sleeping set-up and love it. Although they share the bed, they won't share blankets.

Mom, does this remind you of "the 3 little kids"?


Sylvia said...

That toy room's got nothin' on ours.

Warwick is soooo cute! Did i not always tell you you should have him be a little model?

Tasha said...

I'll have to show these pictures to Rivers to make her miss her cousins even more, if that's possible.

Keri Bartlett Bullock! said...

-so enjoyable catching up this morning on life with your family via your fun blog! My favorites, melt me & all that jazz: -"Thumb sucking does take up a majority of their time", -close-up of you in the fur-hooded coat with snowy background scene, -"Jason's Tropical Snow" concoctions with real live snow. YES!