Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My track season is officially over for the year. I am going through withdrawals already. I loved every minute of it.
Here are some photos of me in action. Some are kind of like the book, "Where's Waldo". You gotta look hard to spot me!
Coach W & I strategizing, but clearly his sandwich is more important than anything I might be saying!

And now for a few track "blooper" photos.

Yes, she is dancing in the middle of her race.
He cleared the bar, but the mat swallowed his head.
I laugh every time I see this picture. Had to be there.
Funniest track moment...oops, someone forgot to set up a few of the hurdles in lane 1!

Now that track is over, I have time to enjoy my flowers.

And...I have more time to spend with these cuties.
A sad, sad day...we split the beds apart. I was hesitant at first because I loved seeing them all snuggled together in bed at night...just like how Matt, Mark and I used to sleep as little kids. So, I decided to try another childhood set-up. Mark, Matt and I slept in this arrangement for years. I was little Warwick always stuck on the mattress on the floor, while Mark and Matt enjoyed the comfort of real beds. Don't worry about little Warwick, though. He is so pumped about "his" bed.


Vicki said...

I bet you were such a great coach! Lucky kids.... I can't believe track is already over. Are you going to do more coaching next year?

Mama Mia said...

wow, i can't believe it's already over...lovely pictures of your beautiful flowers. maybe your green thumb can help me have some pretty ones in my yard, too. ;)

Monica M said...

I wish you could be my running coach- Diana!!!

My kids sleep just like yours. They have to be in the same room, even though they each have their own. Addison also sleeps on the ground.