Friday, September 18, 2009

1-mile fun run

The high school cross country team put on a 1-mile fun run for Madison's grade school yesterday. The high school cross country runners ran with the little kids. It was really a great event. Madison was so excited to run it, she didn't even care that she was wearing a jean skirt!

Madison and Chloe pre-race photo.
And off they go...
Madison and Chloe running with their high school buddy, Ava.
Madison at the finish line. Way to go, Madison!
Madison's favorite part...the ribbon!


Unknown said...

wow, that must have been an AMAZING photographer to have taken such great pictures of the kids! ;) thanks for filling me in with all the info! i sure appreciate you! :)

Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza, Isaiah said...

Madison is going to be winning all kinds of ribbons soon, I'm sure!!! She is so sweet, but seems to have your athletic competitive spirit too:)