Sunday, September 19, 2010

Warwick's photo shoot.
(photographer Amber Bushnell)
I love these photos of Warwick! Which one is your favorite?

We had a big birthday bash for Brody and Warwick a few weeks ago. Tyler gave Brody this awesome bike. It was a big hit!
Happy Birthday boys!
Party location: Papa's Pizza.

Welcome to soccer in Oregon. We play rain or shine. Kids were sliding all over in the mud. It was great!
Brody's team this year: Cubs
Madison's team this year: Dynamite

These were taken by a parent on Brody's team. Next week, we'll get pictures of Madison.



Vicki said...

Warwick is looking so grown up already. I like the first photo best...
Fun soccer pics too. I bet all your kids are awesome. WE have been lucky here so far with soccer and no rain on game days... but we know that won't last.

Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza, Isaiah said...

With those big brown eyes and dimples, I don't think that kid can take a bad picture!! They are all adorable!!! And, btw, you don't even look pregnant at the boys' birthday party!!!

Phoebe said...

I love the first and second pics. Very cute.

Happy birthday to both the boys!

TheDaynesFam said...

I LOVE that first pic with that BEE-U-TIFUL smile. I also like the last 2. He is drop dead better just lock that boy up now b/c the girls are going to be beating down your door...

Sylvia said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't checked out blogs forever. Warwick is a total lady killer!! That kid is adorable. And not to be a total stalker on FB, but I saw Vicki's note to you, then I investigated your Wall, and I didn't know you were pregnant??!! Wo baby, congratulations!! Hope you are feeling good. And ha ha, I'm glad there is someone else in the world who doesn't own/believe in video games, either!