Saturday, December 17, 2011

My boyfriend and I


Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza, Isaiah said...

LOVE it!! I remember your mom calling your dad her "boyfriend" cute! XOXO

Dozen Senses said...

Hi Di, guess I don't have your phone# . . . that's dumb of me but anyway, I just called Jamie & your Mom to get it but no answer. I've been meaning to call & ask if it's okay but by now I think you've talked to your Mom about us coming to spend the night tomorrow or Friday night. But just making sure you/Jason are okay with it & the timing is okay with any other stuff you guys have going on? It will be just Trey, Warren & me. (Scott wishes he could come but basketball state-playoffs this weekend)

. . . reading your blog posts again, have to say again how much I love your "Christmas Card" photos, especially lovin' those dresses your girls are wearing, goodness where did you get those anyway?! hahah