Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here is Madison's first grade photo. Isn't she a cutie?
Here is Madison's basketball photo. She had a great time playing basketball this year. It was her first time playing on any type of sports team. She improved so much and was so fun to watch! She was a great little hustler and had a huge permanent smile every game. She just finished up the season and is very proud of her trophy. She polishes it several times a day...does that sound a little like her Daddy??
Here are my two wild boys: Warwick and Brody. They are excited to be wearing PJs from Grandma.
Thanks, Grandma! We love you!
Warwick, Madison and Brody at our church Christmas Party. They were a wild bunch, running all over the place. I wasn't feeling very "merry" at the end of this party!

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TheDaynesFam said...

Omigosh! Madison's face looks so much like Cynthia in the basketball photo. Do you see the resemblance?