Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My good friend, Vicki, is an amazing artist and very creative! She came up with these great puzzles that my kids LOVE to play with when they go to her house! On the backside of every puzzle piece is a character or object that you can then play with on the pirate ship. Once all the pieces are out of the puzzle, the inside of the pirate ship is exposed. The kids can play with these puzzles forever! Now they aren't just puzzles that you can play at her house...you can buy them in the store! She has a few different puzzle sets that you can buy at target.com, smallworldtoys.com and pocket full of therapy. They would make a great Christmas present! I am so excited to order one of my own!

I always admire mothers that are able to use their talents and have success, while being great stay-at-home mothers! Vicki is definitely one of those mothers!

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