Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last week, I forgot to take pictures of my kids in their cute Easter outfits. So, this week, I made them wear them to church again just so I could get some pictures. We had a great Easter this year with multiple egg hunts, a visit from the Easter Bunny, new Easter outfits, dinner at Grandma Bushnell's house and lots of chocolate.
Here are some photos from before and after church today. It was a beautiful spring day today.
If you look closely, you can see that Brody is proudly wearing his CTR ring. He puts this on every Sunday for church. Brody LOVES church. He talks about it all week and is constantly asking me how many more days until church. After looking at this picture closer, I think all the candy in his hands may be part of the reason he likes church so much!
I am not quite sure what is going on in this photo, but don't the flowers look pretty?

I took Madison to the material store this year and let her pick out a pattern and material to make her an Easter dress. This is what she picked out. It also has a little jacket that goes with it, but since today was such a warm day it wasn't needed! She loves it!
A friend of mine decorated our yard with Easter Eggs this year. I thought it was pretty cool. Happy Easter!
I am coaching Track and Field this spring at a local high school. I love it. It is a small school, but the kids are really great. Here are some photos of our first track meet. Go Mavericks!


Unknown said...

I love Madison's Easter dress!! You are such the multi-talented homemaker!! You need to teach me some things, that's for sure!! Her dress turned out so cute, and it looks great on her! Loved all of your pictures of your kiddos! Where's a picture of your cutesie self from church today??? Your hair looked awesome!
(and that must be a pretty amazing friend to egg your house!)

Monica M said...

Madison's dress is amazing. I wish I had that talent. Please tell me how you did it?

Joe, Jennifer, Clara, Hannah, Eliza, Isaiah said...

When did you start sewing??? I haven't made anything since the sweatshirt in 7th grade home ec!

Dozen Senses said...

Di! I like seeing all the clothes & costumes you sew. I had a lot of fun days (in ancient times) making matching dresses for Kacie & Jamie. My Mom taught me how to sew but I regret that I didn't teach my daughters! I can't remember, did you teach yourself to sew or your Mom taught you? Congratulations on the coaching job--you're a natural--enjoyed your post as always.