Friday, June 13, 2008

Tokyo, Japan

We made a stop in Tokyo for a week, before heading home to Oregon. We had always wanted to visit Japan, so we were really excited to have the chance before we left Singapore. We definitely have caught the travel bug over the years! It was the perfect way to break up the long flight home, too!
We had a great time going to Disney Sea, Mt. Fuji and walking around Tokyo. When we got to the top of Mount Fuji it was covered in snow. Madison, Brody and Warwick thought it was so cool! They haven't felt cold in alomst 2 years and were so excited to put their coats on and throw snowballs! The kids loved Disney Sea, of course. It was a really rainy day, so we never waited in line once...but, we got really wet! The Japanese kids are adorably cute in their cute school uniforms, the cherry blossom trees were in bloom and gorgeous and we definitely enjoyed our share of sushi! Japan is a gorgeous place and it was a great way to end our Asian adventure. It was a great family vacation..but, I think every vacation with my family is the best!

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Southwick Family said...

Wow! I love it... and I love all the cute Japanese school girls gathered around Madison for a picture. THat is so Asia! Claire is sitting on my lap right now and she wants to go to Disneyland!