Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Eagle in the family!

Madison started 1st grade today at none other than Uplands Elementary. She is officially an Uplands Eagle. This is the same school that my entire family went to...all 8 of us! It felt like yesterday that I was walking the halls of the school, but in reality it was like 20 years ago that I graduated from Uplands! It felt strange being the parent and dropping my child off at a place that I spent so much of my childhood. All the memories came flooding back of my own mother racing me to school in the morning in our big red suburban, always late (of course!), often passing the school entrance several times because she was just that crazy (love you mom!!)! It was so fun showing Madison around and seeing how excited she was for school. I think her favorite part of 1st grade so far is getting her very own desk and riding the bus home with her favorite neighbor, Peter!

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Southwick Family said...

Yeah Madison! I love your awesome shoes!