Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I haven't been the best blogger all summer, so here is a glimpse of some of our summer highlights.
Brody playing alongside the Mckenzi River. We camped here for 2 nights. Brody loved it. He played in the dirt, played in the water, collected sticks, roasted marshmellows and loved exploring all the trails.
Here is the Mckenzi River. Isn't it pretty? It was a beautiful place with amazingly beautiful trails and waterfalls. We spent an afternoon at Clear Lake and it was inviting..too bad it was ice cold. It was a great camping trip, even if Warwick woke up at the crack of dawn running through our campsite growling at all the chipmunks. AND we managed to escape injury free - I kept waiting for one of the kids to take a nose-dive into the campfire.
Madison lounging by the river. Her favorite part was probably collecting leaves and hiking. It definitely wasn't the big nice dog that scared the living daylights out of her while hiking on the nice pretty trail!
Nye Beach in Newport. An abnormally beautiful day at the Oregon Coast. Amazing!
Lake Oswego. A childhood favorite of mine! This picture actually cracks me up. Look at those cute little euro swim trunks on my boys!
Brody's new best friend, Cubby. You never would have guessed that he was terrified of Cubby when they first met. I think it is extra cool that they share the same shade of strawberry blonde hair!
Madison at the park
My boys.

Hauling hay. Farm boys are definitely cool.
Me and my boys strolling along the beach.
Brody and Warwick LOVED the sand. I still can't get over what a great day we had.
Warwick swimming in the sand.
My studly man

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